Monday, 18 June 2012

Not so sunny server

Went to Sunshine Suites last night for the welcome to Cayman party for James White & his fan group  of 40. The bar was packed and so were the lounge chairs around the pool.
The waitress was so rude, she needed us to "move out of her way" because we stood on a side of the bar that she had set up for her service area. We asked where the James White group was and she said "Never heard of him". Now this is what is wrong with tourism. How does the staff at a venue not know about a party of 40 people? Really? No-one in management told them?
Ho-hum another disappointment for the tourism & hospitality (term used very loosely) business.
Tip for this grumpy server: Cheer up, you are making all kinds of $$$'s - and if you adjust your attitude to the sunny side you may even increase your tips!

Get in the island mode babe

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